Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another Stupid Opinion

Selfish, self-absorbed gen-xer's who grew up with Little League where everyone wins and no one feels bad.

Me, me, me...look at me I tied my shoes....I did my homework.....I ate my vegetables...look what I did. TELL ME WHAT A GREAT JOB I DID!!!

Constant validation.

These are the people who are doing the majority of the blogging out there. Don't get me wrong, there are some terrific things being written out there, but I am tired of reading about peoples kids and pets and vacations. I can't say that I would never write about my kids, pet (15 year old cat who I am purposely feeding re-called IAMS cat food hoping I hit the lottery; pets are obsolete once you have kids) or vacations, but I hope that I would only write about those things if there was semblance of an interesting story to share.

Being born in 1965 I don't fall into the Baby Boomer category, nor the GenX category, I am a "Tweener". Tweeners don't need the coddling and validation seeked by the GenXers. They don't have the sense of entitlement and hubris possessed by the Boomers. Tweeners are realistic and practical having to balance the "pie in the sky" thinking of their parents with the selfishness and insecurities of their younger siblings. Tweener's tend to think, unlike the GenXers, everyone loses ...lets minimize the damage. We didn't grow up with the optimism of Kennedy or the rah, rah of Reagan. We had Nixon, Ford, Carter. Cynicism.

I recently read that the average number of hits per blog out there is 1 hit per blog per day, which translates into lots of literary masturbation. I think that is the point of blogging ( blogging, not flogging) is self-gratification. I guess the point is I will never write anything here that screams look at me , look at me, tell me how great I am.....hopefully there will be some things that are entertaining and interesting, but it doesn't really matter....I'm just polishing my pulp!!


Suldog said...

To begin with, I think I'm entitled to a better opinion concerning my hubris.

Nice start - you basically said "F*** off" to everybody not born between 1964 and 1967, animal lovers, young mothers, and little leaguers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, where everybody is a legend in his own mind - you hit that one right on the nose. As soon as you learn how to put up some links, I'll put one up for you at my place.

Ah, heck, I'll do it now and trust you to do the right thing when you're able.

David Sullivan said...

Suldog: Hubris aside, you are part of my inspiration to do this blog thing, so salud to you Don Sul-dog. I figure if I insulkt everyone right off the bat there is no where to go , but up....tune in and see.

Anonymous said...

OK..... Not a bad beginning to your Sullblog, but try and be nicer or even funny. Feeding animals recalled food does not bode well for you. Seeing your photo, you do not look like a bad sort of man.

Anali said...

I've been looking for the name of our generation and what you've written is the closest that I've seen to it. I think there are a lot of us in this age range and I'm surprised more people aren't writing about it. A tweener. I guess that makes sense, except for tweeners are also 12. Hmmmm.