Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Letter To "The Rocket"

Dear Mr. Clemens,

I was extremely disappointed to hear that you are going to play baseball for the New York Yankees this summer. I was a big fan when you pitched for the Red Sox. I was a season ticket holder at Fenway and saw you pitch many a masterpiece live and in person. I was angry with the Sox management, namely, Dan Duquette, when they let you slip away to Toronto and disrespected you by saying that you were "in the twilight of your career". I rooted for you when you won the 2 Cy Young's in Toronto. I was even happy for you personally when you got your World Series rings with the hated Yankees. Even 2 seasons ago when the Astros were in the World Series I wanted to see you do well. Now I hate your fucking guts!!

I understand why you left the Sox. You felt unwanted. The team from top to bottom was in disarray. There was money, wins and rings to be gained elsewhere. Now the Sox have an exemplary organization from top to bottom, so why won't you return?

Your conditions outlined through your agent were that you wanted to go to the team that has the best chance of going to the World Series and you must think that is the Yankees. As of this morning the "Pinstripes" are 15-16, 6 games behind the first place Red Sox. So much for your conditions. Good luck. When you are done pitching your five innings of 3 hit, 1 run ball the Yankees bullpen is going to blow your lead. You will be lucky to eek out 7 wins if you start pitching in mid June. You are setting yourself up for a big fall.

If you think you are going to come in to save the Yankees and be the hero, think again. You have been pitching in the weak hitting NL Central for the past three years. Your innings have decreased each year. Not only are you going to get racked by the AL, but you are going to pitch in the AL East which is arguably the best hitting division in baseball.

You knew back in March that you were not going to Boston, but you flirted with us in hopes of getting George to up the ante. Well, your plan was successful and you and your "boyfriend" Pettitte can smack each other on the ass all summer. I'm glad you will be wearing a Yankees hat into Cooperstown, you are a Yankee, black and white.

My four year old can name every member of the Sox and he knows most of the Yankees. When we watch you make your first start against the Sox I will make it a point to let him know who you are and that you truly are a traitor.

Brutus, Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, and Roger Clemens.


David D. Sullivan

PS: Yankees Suck!


Anali said...

Oh goodness! Well, I do think that it was a slap in the face to us that he went to the Yankees. But it's only about the money. Plain and simple. I can't really hate the guy.

I think it was a $10 million dollar difference, which is a nice little sum. I do wish that he would stop saying that he went with them because he thinks he has the best chance of winning another ring with them. I don't believe that. I really think the Red Sox have a better chance. It was all about the money. He should just admit it. Either way, he's on my fantasy baseball team, so I am hoping for a few points! : )

David Sullivan said...

I have him on my fantasy team too and I've been trying to deal him since the announcement was made!!

endangered coffee said...

I kind of wish the Sox had signed Clemens just so there would be yet another high profile pitcher taking the spotlight off of Beckett as Josh goes 27-4.

Thanks for the blogroll, and let me know if there are any other blogging Sullivans I should know about.

Suldog said...

The Blogging Sullivans. Wasn't that a movie?

KAYLEE said...

I feel the same way:-)

plez... said...

written like a true Sox fan! *smile* i'm not a rabid baseball fan like you, but i love team sports (especially college football) and team loyalty ranks high with me. money falls to the bottom of the list, because what GOOD professional player (in baseball, football, or basketball) is NOT going to make millions of dollars.

i have no idea what was going through roger's head when he signed on with The Devil! but we can all take solice in the fact that he won't be in the chase for another ring this season.

by the way, when he goes to Cooperstown, i wonder what team's cap he'll be wearing?!?