Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cuba Libre

I am sitting on my bed, listening to my kids play in the living room, drinking coffee and watching the Today Show. Matt Lauer is in Cuba and espousing on the pros and con's of the Socialist regime that has been in place there since Fidel came out of the jungles in 1959. A number of politicians have been on the show this morning condemning Castro and proselytizing the spread of democracy. I am sitting here thinking, why does every government in the world have to be a democratic government?

I am not naive. In order for capitalism to flourish we need to have the least of amount government involvement possible and the form of government that is ideal for the spread of capitalism is a democratically elected government. Its all about money.

If we want Cuba to be a democracy, shouldn't we open up trade and tourism and let the lure of US currency wash their socialism out into the Caribbean?

The answer is yes.

You can't force a country to become a democracy (see: Iraq). You have to win over the peoples minds and spirit with the promise of peace and prosperity (eg: USSR) The Cuban people already have been exposed to American culture through the airwaves and first hand reports from family and friends living in Florida. I guarantee that within a year of dropping the embargo that has been in place against Cuba for the past 47 years the current regime will fall and we will have a strong ally in the Caribbean.

Democracy speaks for itself. There is no need to continue to push democracy as an unknown ideology. The US is far from being the moral compass for the world so should stop trying to be the world's police force. Maybe we should become more introspective as a country and try to fix the things in this country that have eroded the populace's faith in the democratic system. If we want to be the beacon of hope for these countries that have yet to embrace democracy, then we should show those countries we do a better job at educating our children, caring for our sick and feeding our hungry than they do. Until we are in the top 5 in education, health care and people living above the poverty line then we should concentrate more on building our own nation, than nation building.

Cuba libre?


When its people see the US as allies and not oppressors.


Suldog said...

Couldn't agree more, Cuz. The best advertisement is a happy customer. If the world sees the U.S. and it's citizens as prosperous and happy, then why wouldn't they want the same things? Show them the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Mushy said...

I agree as well, and it's time to open Cuba up! I need some good cigars and a new place to vacation!

Wake up America!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I'm for it as well......should've happened a long time ago as far as I'm concerned. But, what do I know???

plez... said...

i'm in complete agreement with you. and now that we don't have to worry about Russian missles being launched from Havana, i don't see the continued need for the trade embargo with Cuba.

David Sullivan said...

I wonder if we have a deal set up with Raul that we won't make Cuba the 51st state until Castro kicks.

Ericka said...

anyone who reads robert parker and drinks coffee at night is fine by me. hiay!

and i quite agree. we need to clean our own house and stop invading everyone else's. just once it'd be nice if we kept our nose out of another country's business. *sigh* probably won't happen.