Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer Doldrums

Blogging doesn't feel natural in the summer.

Holed up in the house in mid-January during a raging snowstorm seems like the ultimate time to pound out some quality blog posts. But in mid-August when summer is waining and there are lakes to swim in and golf courses to be played on, blogging seems like work. In my first ever post I promised that I would not blog unless I have something interesting to write and lately I've been more interested in doing things instead of writing about things I've done.

Since my last post I have been playing lots of golf, including a horrible showing in my club championship. I have also pitched about 5,000 baseballs to my boys in the backyard. I have made a tour of my old stomping grounds in Boston, including a visit to my mother's gravesite on her birthday. Lastly I've been keeping track of my brother Greg's legal troubles down in the mountains of North Carolina. Plenty of fodder for future posts.

Soon the weather will turn and life will slow down a notch. Until then I am going to squeeze in as much summertime fun as I can until Labor Day. Then, back to the grind.


Suldog said...

Enjoy yourself, Cuz!

I don't think I've asked you this before. What's your handicap?

David Sullivan said...

Cuz: I am a 7.6, but I haven't posted many scores in the the past four years since Matt was born, so I am more like a 12.

Mushy said...

I've missed a whole season of golf...may not even want to play this fall...may not be able to either. Only time will tell.

plez... said...

when it's 100 degrees outside in the shade (we've been above 95 degrees here in the atlanta area for the entire month of august), any excuse to sit in my office under the ceiling fan, sipping a Coca-Cola and banging out an utterly useless blog entry will do... i look forward to your return after your summer sabbatical!

endangered coffee said...

Right with you buddy.


Worst. Blogging. Month. Ever.