Friday, February 13, 2009


Doldrums, cabin fever, a case of the blah's...whatever you want to call it...I've got it. I've got an employee who is a complete douche bag. Even a couple of 50 degree days haven't lightened my mood; it just pisses me off more that my rink is melting. I have had zero creativity, drive or need to socialize, so blogging has been non-existent. I am hopping in my SUV Saturday after Matt's hockey practice to visit my brother and sister in North Carolina. Me and the fam will be making it a leisurely trip stopping in D.C. and N.Y.C. I might even get in a round of golf with my bro. Maybe wallking some fairways and getting on the open road will get me back on track. Until then...BLAHHHH!!!


Andraste said...

Keee-RYST, me too. What a week. Damn near 'sploded at work - ready for the long weekend.

Safe travels, Sully. Hope you get more life out of the rink before spring!

Anali said...

Hope you're feeling less blahh soon! ; )

Suldog said...

Hope you have a great trip, Cuz. Come back refreshed.

Dirty Red said...

Have a good time man.

The weather out here in Tx. changes so damn much I don't have time to feel Blahh. This is some bullshit I can tell ya. At least you got a little bit of stability with the weather. I don't know what the hell to expect from minute to minute.