Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Picks At The Break

On April 2nd I made my picks for the 2007 MLB season. A little over half of the games have been played in Major League Baseball this season. The trends are being set and the cream is rising to the top. Lets take a look at some of my predictions.

American League:
East: Red Sox
Central: Twins
West: Angels
Wild Card: Toronto

The Sox and Angels are looking good. The Twins aren't dead in the water, but at 45-43 they are going to have to turn it on in order to catch Detroit or Cleveland. Toronto is 8 1/2 games behind Cleveland for the Wild Card and needs to jump over 4 teams to get the nod.

I was right on about the Yankees and if Steinbrenner was the Steinbrenner of 1978 Torre would've been fired in April. Right now he probably wishes Billy Martin's kids froze him, like Teddy Ballgame's kids did, so he could bring him back for the tenth time. Since that's not an option Joe T will be there until the end of their miserable season.

Matsuzaka is still in the running for the Cy Young, but will need a strong, almost flawless second half, in order to beat out teammate Josh Beckett, Dan Haren or Jeremy Bonderman. Big Papi will have to hit a few walk offs to garner any consideration for MVP; it looks more like A-Rod or Ordonez.

National League:
East: Mets
Central: Cubs
West: Dodgers
Wild Card: Diamond Backs

The Mets are eking it out over Atlanta. The Dodgers are in a dogfight with the pitching rich Padres with Arizona right there for the Wild Card. Chicago has been my biggest bust, but is still only 4 1/2 games behind the surprise of the year Brewers for the NL Central crown. LaRussa hasn't been fired or in rehab (yet), but as I predicted the Cards are dead in the water.

Zambrano is not having a bad season, but will not win the Cy Young unless Peavy, Penny and Sheets shit the bed. Soriano will not win the MVP, period. I like Chase Utley and Prince Fielder, but Matt Holiday should win it if he can keep up the torrid pace he set in the first half.

I will stand by my picks. You can't change your cards in the middle of a hand, so the only way to judge my picks is to add them up in October. If I had to grade my picks I'd give myself a B+, but I have an over inflated ego so they are probably really only a B.

I still think the Red Sox will be having a parade in late October.

Go Sox!!

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Suldog said...

Yeah, I was actually reading through your old picks earlier today and not a bad job of it. I also thought the Cubs would be doing better than they are.

The Sox will have an interesting ride in the playoffs. I'm fearin' those Tiggers...