Monday, April 02, 2007

Red Sox: 2007 World Series Champions

I am no psychic. I am great at predicting the outcome of a particular play. For example, with Kevin Faulk as the single back in a spread offense on third down and long, 9 out of ten times it is a draw play.
I can occasionally predict the outcome of a particular game (unless I put money on it). Pick the division winners, ALCS match-ups and World Series Champion? Crap shoot.

Call your bookie, log on to your offshore account you haven't looked at since dropping $200 on the Super Bowl. Hide the women and children. Here are my 2007 baseball picks.

American League:
East: Reds Sox
Central: Twins
West: Angels
Wild Card: Toronto

The Yankees will fall out of the top spot for the first time in nine years; Torre will be the first manager fired in the Majors this year. Twins win the toughest division in baseball. Toronto sneaks into the wild card benefiting from the bloodbath in the Central. Angels cruise in the West.

National League:
East: Mets
Central: Cubs
West: Dodgers
Wild Card: Diamond Backs

Mets eek out the East over Florida and Atlanta. Chicago rolls in the Central winning 100+. Dodgers and D-Backs make the playoffs with the "Red Sox West" winning the West. LaRussa will be fired (or in rehab) by Memorial Day.

ALDS/ALCS: Sox beat the Twins; Angels beat Toronto. Sox beat the Angels in six.

NLDS/NLCS: D-Backs beat the Mets; Cubs beat the Dodgers. Cubs beat the D-backs in four.

World Series: Cubs come into the "Series" on fire winning the most games in the Majors having both NL Cy Young Award winner Carlos Zambrano and League MVP Alfonso Soriano. Sox have AL Cy Young winner and Rookie of the Year, 20 game winner, "Dice K" Matzusaka and MVP runner-up David Ortiz (runner-up to position player, Vlad Guererro). Sox win the first two at Fenway behind "Dice K", who is now the number one and Schilling. Cubs win game three and score 10 earned off of Beckett. Wakefield rights the boat in game four. Dice K wins game five, as well as the series MVP, throwing nine consecutive Gyro-balls, striking out the side, to end a complete game shutout. "I save gyro barrl for when rearry, rearry need" he says in a post game interview while being sprayed with Suntory beer, without an interpreter.

Red Sox vs Royals at 4:10 PM. First game in a World Championship season.

Sox: 6 Royals: 1


Suldog said...

Opening Day is the best day of the year! Woo-Hoo!

Suldog said...

I would also like to point out that the Celtics now have a better won-lost percentage than the Sox :-)

KAYLEE said...

I like those picks!!!!!