Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Are You Going To Vote For In 18.5 Months?

For the past month, every night I have to watch "It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown" with my kids or they whine like they are being water boarded. There is a shopping montage in this special where in the Peanuts gang go shopping for Easter stuff and there are Christmas displays up, in April!! The last time I saw this particular Peanuts special was when I was 10, so when I saw the shopping montage I laughed out loud. Last night when I watched the Democratic Presidential Debate I felt the same sense of ridiculousness. Having a presidential debate 18.5 months before the general election makes Christmas shopping in April seem reasonable.

I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

Plez from Atlanta had a post on his blog a few weeks ago in which he inserted the 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector . It only takes a few minutes, but is entertaining and gets you thinking about the issues.

My results are:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Barack Obama (74%)
3. Al Gore (72%)
4. Hillary Clinton (70%)
5. Dennis Kucinich (70%)
6. Joseph Biden (69%)
7. Wesley Clark (67%)
8. Christopher Dodd (61%)
9. John Edwards (61%)
10. Bill Richardson(59%)
11. Ron Paul (42%)
12. Kent McManigal (37%)
13. Mike Gravel (36%)
14. Elaine Brown (35%)
15. Mike Huckabee (35%)
16. Tommy Thompson (32%)
17. Rudolph Giuliani (29%)
18. Mitt Romney (26%)
19. Newt Gingrich (23%)
20. John McCain (23%)
21. Tom Tancredo (22%)
22. Chuck Hagel (16%)
23. Duncan Hunter (16%)
24. Sam Brownback (16%)
25. Jim Gilmore (14%)
26. Fred Thompson (13%)

I never liked Fred Thompson on "Law and Order", now I know why.

Cut and paste your results in the comments section if you'd like.

Remember vote early and often!!!


Suldog said...

I can tell you right now, from that group my choice would be Ron Paul. I voted for him 1988 when he ran as a Libertarian!

Rebecca said...

Damn it, they block that here at work. :(

I'm so up for grabs with the election. No one is really wow-ing me.

plez... said...


Thanks for the hat tip for plezWorld, but actually, I live in Atlanta! *smile* We have very similar outcomes in our lists!

See below:
1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)
2. Barack Obama (73%)
3. Al Gore (65%)
4. Ron Paul (63%)
5. Bill Richardson (60%)
6. John Edwards (59%)
7. Dennis Kucinich (58%)
8. Wesley Clark (58%)
9. Hillary Clinton (56%)
10. Joseph Biden (52%)
11. Christopher Dodd (51%)
12. Kent McManigal (50%)
13. Elaine Brown (42%)
14. John McCain (32%)
15. Rudolph Giuliani (32%)
16. Mike Huckabee (31%)
17. Mitt Romney (30%)
18. Mike Gravel (29%)
19. Tom Tancredo (29%)
20. Chuck Hagel (29%)
21. Sam Brownback (28%)
22. Tommy Thompson (27%)
23. Newt Gingrich (25%)
24. Jim Gilmore (23%)
25. Fred Thompson (23%)

Like you, I started watching the debate, but it seemed soooo PREMATURE, that I turned away. I'll be alittle more interested in debates in January or February of next year.

David Sullivan said...

Plez: My apologies. I don't know what I was thinking because I know your from the ATL. I had a lot of HTML issues with this post for some reason.

plez... said...

oh, think nothing of it... i hope no one goes through my blog and notes all of the inaccuracies and outright lies i have in it! *smile* but i have added SullsBlog to my BlogRoll, since i've been frequenting your site for quite some time. thanks!

endangered coffee said...

I think I did this in 2004 and Al Sharpton topped my list.

David Sullivan said...

EC: Al would have done a better job than GW!!