Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Ultimate Accessory

I am going to the Sox/Yankees game Sunday night with the ultimate accessory for attending a game at Fenway Park in 2007, my own Japanese translator, Hiroshi.

I know, I know you are all saying, "Sully, you follow every trend that comes down the pike. First the parachute pants, then the "Tae Bo" work outs and even the blogging, but now you have your own translator!!"

If "Dice K" can have one, why can't I?

Sully is going international!!

Any fan can go to the old ballpark buy a "Dice K" shirt, a Big Papi autographed ball or Manny's grill (on EBay), but how many can show up toting their own translator to a game with Matzusaka on the mound.

First, I'll use him to try to get us in the Sox clubhouse by having my translator pose as "Dice K's" Uncle Hiroshi who came by to honor him before slaying the "Yankee Devils".

In pre-game warm ups I'll have him to yell out "over here" in fluent Japanese in hopes of getting an autograph.

During the game as I chant "Gaaay Rod" and "Jeter you suck!!" he'll follow in a perfect Tōhoku-ben dialect.

Truth be told, my friend Hiroshi has been calling his friends back in Japan and telling them that he is going to a Red Sox game with a real live "loud , obnoxious, drunken, Irish-American, Boston Baseball Fan".

To him, I am the ultimate accessory.


KAYLEE said...

nice post have fun tonight:-)

Suldog said...

Well, you saw one hell of a game and Red Sox history. 4 HR in a row - amazing moment.