Friday, April 13, 2007


I just had my first blogging disaster. I had just finished a long post involving many pictures. I tried to delete a picture and suddenly half my post was gone. I didn't panic yet. I hit recover post and it came back....the first paragraph.

I started screaming like a madman. I ran into my bedroom and punched my pillow a dozen times. Two hours of my life ........gone!!


Look for my new post Monday!! :)


endangered coffee said...

Damn, that's frustrating.

I haven't lost a post yet, though I have stood close to that edge. The new-improved blogger seems a lot more tempermental when it comes to the possibility of losing my words in the interweb ether.

Good luck on take two and I'll check back next week.

Mushy said...

Damn...I have a hangover from just reading all that! I had 4 tonight at a pre-dinner and comedy concert, so I was gettin' there on my own.

Suldog said...

Welcome to the wheres-something-I-can-hit? portion of blogging. That's why I save everything every five minutes now.