Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to Back to Back to Back

As you know from my last post I went to the Sox/Yankees game the other night with my friend Hiroshi. Hiroshi is the owner of Beaver Brook Golf Club where I am a member. I occasionally work for him as a bouncer for various events, mainly UMass frat parties. We have much in common, especially golf. We play a lot of golf together and have gone on a few golf trips. He has been to many Yankees games at Yankee Stadium; a friend of his had season tickets when he was going to Columbia for his Masters. He has lived in Massachusetts for the better part of thirty years and amazingly Sunday night was his first trip to Fenway.

Sunday was one of the best April nights in Boston ever!!

The skies were crystal clear and the temperature was mild. We got into town about 5PM and went to "Game On" for a beer. Hiroshi bought a Matzusaka T-Shirt and a Sox hat at the Souvenir Shop on Yawkey Way. As soon as the gates opened we headed straight for field level and caught Sox batting practice. We stood at a spot between the screen behind home plate and the Yankees dugout in the first row. Manny and Papi were taking their cuts when we arrived. We spent the next hour drinking beer and watching the Yankees take BP.

The game was a classic; as classic as you can get in April. Matzusaka was having an off day, but the crowd cheered his every move. If you are a Sox fan (or watch ESPN) you know that in the bottom of the third inning the Sox hit home runs in four consecutive At Bats tying a Major League record.

Manny, JD, Lowell and Tek.


With two outs in the third Hiroshi decided to beat the "tween inning" rush and headed down to the men's room. As he was heading down the runway he heard the crowd roar as Manny hit a bomb over everything in left-center. He was peeing when he heard the cheers from JD's homer over the Sox bullpen. He watched Lowell's on a TV monitor on his way back to the seats. Just as he got to our seats Tek hit his dinger.

I've been to over 150+ games in my lifetime at Fenway Park including the playoffs.

That series of at bats was one of the most electric moments I've ever experienced at Fenway.

Hiroshi did do some translating for me. He explained that the Dunkin' Donuts sign over the right field bleachers with Japanese characters does not say "Dunkin Donuts" as I thought, but "Welcome to Fenway Park" (He said that they don't eat donuts in Japan). He also translated some signs that folks were holding up and some t-shirts.

Another spectacular, history making night in the Fens. Just me and my translator.


Suldog said...

Way cool. Too bad Hiroshi wasn't in his seat for all four, but that entire game was electric.

Rebecca said...

I'm so openly envious!!!!!!!!

GREAT game to go to. :)

Auntie Scotch said...

One question - is your translater single?....Wait, don't tell him I asked you that. :-)

KAYLEE said...

I loved the win tonight:D

Eric said...

What, no props for the guy who overnighted his season tickets to you so you could have such a great experience?

David Sullivan said...

Another county heard from!!!

Thanks for the Tix!!