Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sox Win. Soooox Win!!

How about them Sox!!!

Beckett looked unhittable.

How about that Drew!!! Trot who??

Pedroia/Lugo is the best double play combo since Doyle/Burleson.

Schill must have had an off day; he's still the Ace .

Only a half a game behind the Yanks. They are back in the hunt.

Bull-Pen troubles are over. No earned runs.

Those base running errors Tuesday were a fluke.
Did you see Lugo sacrifice? That's what we need at the top of the order.

Varitek looks like the Varitek of 2004.

Dice K going today!!!

What a difference a day (and a win) makes.


Anonymous said...

They looked good las night, lets hope it keeps going.

kaylee said...

that was a great win:)