Monday, September 17, 2007

BC/Georgia Tech Challenge

Plez, a proud Georgia Tech Alum whose blog I peruse and admire, and I had a small wager over the BC vs GT game on Saturday night. If BC won he would have to put the BC Eagle flying proudly on his blog for 1 week and conversely I would do the same with the G Tech Yellow Jacket on my blog. Plez had all the confidence in the world when he accepted my wager.

Matt Ryan and the eagle receivers ran buck wild over the "Ramblin Wreck's" D while Frank Spaziani's D completely shut down the Tech's highly touted running attack leaving them no option but to attempt to throw the ball with the "noodle" armed Taylor Bennet. The announcers for the game actually uttered the words "Heisman" and "Ryan" in the same sentence on a number of occasions. Check out the Eagle over at Plez World. Oh and by the way, send your condolences to Plez. He is done crying in his bright yellow "We are number one" foam finger. It is dried out and ready to be worn next week while watching the "Wreck" pick up the pieces at Virginia in the hopes of facing BC in the ACC Championship game.


plez... said...


i was actually able to find the HUMOR in your post... and i welcome your jolly readers to check out the prominent BC EAGLE at plezWorld for the remainder of the week.

this is what i get for betting on a bunch of fickle teenagers!

WOW! Taylor Bennett is now our "noodle" armed QB! HILARIOUS!!!

Suldog said...


I've been rooting for BC ever since the Flutie days. Every year, I look at their schedule and say, "Well, if they can win this game and that game, they might have a chance at a national title." And every year, they miss it somehow.

Last year was particularly painful. Ohliger (placekicker before Aponovicious) personally blew two games - really, Tom O'Brien blew them by putting ths kid into pressure situations, when he had proven the year BEFORE that he didn't respond well to them. They had a serious chance to have gone undefeated last year, but didn't get the job done.

I expect them to be 7-0 before their next good test. Go Eagles!

David Sullivan said...


I have been going to BC games since I was a little kid. My mothers brother Mac has been working at BC for 40 years and if I didn't grow up so frickin' poor thats were I would've gone to college. I might be going to the BC/Fla. State game this year; I usually go to one game per year.

Suldog said...

I grab a ticket once in a while. I was at the BYU triple overtime last year. I was actually thinking of trying to get one to the U Mass game. I'd like to sit back, down a brew or two, chow a handful of dogs, and enjoy a blowout.

David Sullivan said...

I went to that game last year, then I went over to Game-On at Fenway and watched college football till I puked (maybe it was the 25 beers, just kidding, 20 beers)

Suldog said...

Hah! Well, actually, I got so hyped talking about it, I just bought a ticket to this weekend's Army game. I'm in section FF, Row 1, Seat 31 - somewhere around the 20 or 25, I think.

Suldog said...

And I was just looking at last year's stats. Ohliger only cost them the NC State game. He caused the BYU game to go to overtime by missing two extra points.

endangered coffee said...

Poor Plez

first Michael Vick, now this.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i hope teck get up in tha azzz to set off the Leftwich era in the ATL

David Sullivan said...


I've always liked Leftwich, although he needs a good line to be effective.

plez... said...

what am i to do... that's what i get for rooting for the "wrong" team! *smile*