Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NFL 2007

Week one of the NFL season is in the books. I scribbled down my picks for this season while on the Cape two weeks ago, so week one had no influence on these picks. My MLB Picks are doing alright, better than most, but my NFL picks are a lock!

AFC East:

Pats, Pats and Pats. They will wrap up the division by Thanksgiving. The AFC East will not have another playoff team. I can see Buffalo, NYJ and Miami all finishing at 8-8. The Patriots will finish no worse than 13-3.

AFC South:

Indy, Indy and Indy. Indy will finish 11-5 and struggle defensively. Tennessee will be a surprise and sneak into a wild card spot. Jax and Houston will be non-factors, but the Texans may surprise as their young talent begins to gel pushing them toward .500.

AFC North:

This division will beat the crap out of each other with no clear cut favorite. I like Baltimore to win 11 and take the division, but can see Cincinnati challenging for the division crown. Pittsburgh will be mediocre and the Browns will be looking for a new coach after Week 4.

AFC West:

Denver will tame the west with a 11-5 record and will beat the Chargers twice which will give them the division. The Chargers will also be 11-5 and get the Wild Card.

NFC East:

Dallas will be the cream of the crop in the NFC East but will have a serious challenge from the rest of the teams in that division. Washington and the Giants will get the Wild Cards from the best division in football.

NFC South:

Carolina and New Orleans will be in a "Dog Fight" while Tampa Bay and the "Vickless" Falcons watch from the basement (he,he). New Orleans will eek out the division over the Panthers.

NFC North:

Bears, by default. The worst division in football.

NFC West:

Seattle will win the division handily, but the rest of the teams will be competitive. SF will make a run at the Wild Card and Arizona will be entertaining with their potent offense, but come up just short of a playoff spot.



The Pats and Indy will get byes.

Denver will beat the Titans in the first round. Baltimore will beat San Diego.

In the second round The Pats will pummel Baltimore while the Colts will be upset by a resurgent Denver team.

The Pats will beat Denver at home for a fourth Super Bowl birth in seven years.


Dallas and Seattle will get the byes.

In the first round the Bears will beat the Giants, while the Saints will beat the Redskins.

In the second round Dallas will beat the Bears while the Saints beat Seattle.

New Orleans will go to their first Super Bowl at the expense of a playoff cursed Romo.

Super Bowl XLII

The Patriots will raise their 4th Lombardi trophy in seven years in another close Super Bowl in which the defenses dominate. Brady to Moss will be the theme as the Patriots win 20 to 10.

Check back in week 9 for my self-assessment.


Suldog said...

I think those picks sound... sound. I'd give the Lions a shot at the NFC Central, IF the Bears don't have a better offense than they showed in week one.

David Sullivan said...

I made these picks before week 1, so Baltimore and Chicago could mess me up. 16 weeks to go!!