Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Newest, Most Favoritest, Politician

David Patterson, the new Governor of New York has snorted cocaine, smoked weed and had a bunch of extra marital sex. He is a true man of the people.

Move over Bill Clinton. John and Teddy Kennedy step aside. I've got a new favorite politician.

I don't know much about the man as he just came on to the national scene after Eliot "swallow bitch, don't" Spitzer got busted buying hookers. Both of these men committed morally suspect behavior, but there is a huge difference between the two. One is a hypocrite and one is a human being. As AG of New York Spitzer spent most of his life prosecuting people to the full extent of the law. He was merciless and known for his bulldog style. As he was busting some prostitution rings he was utilizing others. Patterson beat the press to the punch and decided to disclose his personal indiscretions as soon as he took office. I've never understood what people do in their personal life has to do with doing their job. Yes, I don't want a drunk plumber installing my new garbage disposal or a day care worker toking on a crack pipe before watching my kids, but since when is sainthood a prerequisite for being a politician. As I said, I don't know Patterson besides what I've read and seen, but as of right now I would trust this guy more than any politician ever.

This type of disclosure is unheard of, but times have changed and this will become the norm.


Who out there, born after 1950, can say they have never smoked weed, bumped some rails or have had some action on the side? For all two of you who haven't done one of those things, what else have you done? Have you cheated on your income tax? Have you coveted your neighbors wife? Have you lied to your spouse? Have you disrespected your parents?

We all lie, cheat, steal, sin in one form or another. The difference between true morality and hypocrisy is owning up to your faults and not letting pride and hubris run your life. It takes a lot of energy to keep up the facade of infallibility. Humility is much easier. I don't want my politicians worrying about their image, I want them worrying about us citizens.

I don't care if my mailman is into bestiality, I just want him to deliver my mail. I don't care that my landscaper grows weed, I just want him to cut my lawn. I don't care if my barber is a degenerate gambler, I just want him to give me a good haircut. I don't care if I don't care if the President of the United States gets a hummer in the Oval Office from an intern, I just want him to keep the economy in good shape, educate and care for our children and keep us out of senseless wars.

He who is without sin cast the first stone.

On second thought, the cat is staying inside when the mail truck comes rumbling down my street.


N. Steven said...

Well. I,for one, appreciate his honesty. I mean, seriously, he took all the sting out of anyone's bite. There's really isn't much the press can do to him now. He's not invincible...just real. And that's cool.

Suldog said...

"Honesty is the best politics." - Stan Laurel, from Sons Of The Desert, my favorite Laurel & Hardy film.

Absolutely. If you lay out your life like an open book, nobody can ever accuse you of hypocrisy. None of that "I didn't inhale" crap.

Mushy said...

You'll never see me pick up a stone, and you certainly can say that my life is an open blog!

Kevin Smith said...

I always trusted Him less for not inhaling. Who the hell experiments with pot and doesn't inhale?

David Sullivan said...

Can you imagine a SulDog/Mushy ticket?

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll with a southern flair and a Boston accent!

Spanky McCloud said...

I totally agree. And he is blind to boot. He is the coolest cat in politics right now.

Los Angelista said...

I think his honesty is great. I tend to think most politician affairs are none of our business unless they're total lying idiots like Bill Clinton or the Detroit mayor.

jjbrock said...

Great post and I agree !00% but, he needs to shut up. Maybe he has got it all out and realize that he is human.

I understand what he was doing he was using all the ammunition before the media had a chance.

ZACK said...

I co-sign on Sis. Brock! She beat me to the chase, but Paterson beat all of us to it on a whole new level. This guy is truly AN OPEN BOOK! :)

I appreciate his honesty. He's ready for the presidency in 2012. He's got my vote. Plus he's more of an inspiration to me than Obama.

Anali said...

I do agree that Spitzer's hypocrisy was the worst thing. I'm glad that we got all the information about Paterson upfront, so hopefully no more surprises.

And I have to say that I was born after 1950 and I'm one of the few who has never smoked weed. Yes, there are some of us!

David Sullivan said...

Anali its probably good you don't smoke ganj. With all of those great munchies you make you'd probably be like one of those folks they have to break down a wall to get them out of their house! (In tonight's news a Quincy laywer needed a wall removed in her home to enable her to leave the house...)