Monday, March 31, 2008

MLB 2008

Last year I predicted the World Series winner (see here). Baseball hasn't changed much since last year and my picks aren't much different. Without further adieu my 2008 MLB picks.

American League:
East: Reds Sox
Central: Detroit
West: Angels
Wild Card: Cleveland

Ok. So last year I predicted the Yankees demise. I was close. Joe Torre wasn't fired by Memorial Day, but the Yankees dug a hole they couldn't completely get out of. This year they will not make the playoffs as they completely implode. Money can't buy you love.

This year I like the Sox to win the East again. Cleveland will finish second to a resurgent Detroit for the Wild Card in the Central. The Angels will have a challenge from Seattle, but win the West running away.

National League:
East: Mets
Central: Cubs
West: Dodgers
Wild Card: Brewers

The Mets collapse of last year will not repeat itself. Santana will completely dominate weaker NL hitters and possibly win 30 games. The Cubs made a furious run after a tough start last year, but will cruise wire to wire to win the Central this year, although Milwaukee will be there close behind and take the wild card. The Dodgers will get a boost from Torre and squeak it out over the D-Backs.

ALDS/ALCS: Sox beat the Indians; Detroit beats the Angels. Sox beat the Tigers.

NLDS/NLCS: Mets beat the Brewers, Dodgers beat the Cubs. Mets beat the Cubs.

World Series:

Red Sox beat the Mets in six. Another demon exercised.

No Mookie.

No Buckner.

No Schiraldi or Stanley.

No excuses.

I'll check in at the All-Star break to gloat or make excuses. Nuff ced.


Anali said...

Go Sox! ; ) My fantasy baseball league is starting soon, but I'm going to have to be heartless this year. No more picking based on emotion!

Suldog said...

I say Sox - Cubs in the Series. I don't want to see that, because everybody outside of Boston will be rooting for the Cubbies, but that's what I think is coming.

David Sullivan said...

I thought Sox - Cubs last year, but the Cubs had an awful first half. The Mets look real good.

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SEO Hyderabad said...

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