Monday, December 03, 2007


I have officially maxed out. My weight has reached an all-time high. Up until three summers ago I was doing a good job fighting father time. Yes, I was still binge drinking on occasion and making some shitty dietary choices, but besides that, I was working out 5 days per week and getting plenty of rest.

Then the kids came.

My oldest son is 4 3/4. Until he was about 1 1/2 it was pretty easy to maintain my health. He was still eating baby foods and hadn't developed a taste for foods with cartoon characters plastered all over the packaging. My wife and I, although tired and stressed from new time constraints, were able to manage getting into the gym 4-6 days per week depending on our schedules.

Then Pete was born.

As soon as my wife went back to work after the birth of Peter in Spring of 2005, our number two son, the weight started piling on. At first it was just the usual winter weight gain associated with the change in season. As soon as the cold weather hits and the light starts fading I start craving potatoes, breads, soups and most anything that has a high caloric count, especially carbohydrates. This, being in conjunction with the holiday season always translates to a 15-20 lb weight gain between Sept 1st and January 1st. Its been that way with me since I got out of High School. Usually between January 1st and April 1st of each year for the past twenty years I spend my winter in the gym, mostly because there is nothing better to do. I played a lot of Basketball, did a lot of cardio and lifted lots of weight.

The first winter after Peter was born ('05-'06) I was back in the gym as usual, but my weight loss was slow. I hadn't gained any more weight than usual, I had all but stopped my nights out drinking, but my diet was out of control. All my old childhood favorites were back in vogue thanks to my elder son Matt's burgeoning taste buds and his love of commercials. Instead of having a salad with diced boneless chicken for lunch I was having PBJ's, Grilled Cheese or when I was completely lazy, McDonalds or Friendly's.
That year I never dipped below the 200LB mark, but teetered around 205.

The following winter ('06-'07) which was last year I was up to about 220 on January 1st. I spent the first week of the new year back in the gym, eating healthier and on my way back below 200 for the summer. Then my feet gave out. I had woke up one morning and my foot was twice its normal size. I tried to go to the gym anyway thinking I could work it out and it would go away. A week later it was still swollen. I spent a month icing my foot, heating my foot, massaging my foot and by the time February rolled around the damage was done, I was 228 and really out of shape. I had never taken that much time off from the gym in 20 years and it caught up with me quickly. In the past my diet was never the biggest issue because I was in the gym every day, so I burned off everything. If I wanted to lose a few and look good for the summer season I would eat less carbs and more veggies and lose some. If I put on a few pounds it never looked bad because I am 6 feet tall with a 46 inch chest, so bouncing between a 34 inch waist and a 36 inch waist I still looked OK. I never got below 215 this past summer and although I knew I was heavier than I should be, I felt OK so ignored it.

I have complained recently about my weight to people and the response is always "you look good" or "you're not overweight". I have a frame that carries weight well, but I see my self naked in the mirror and its not pretty. My Body Mass Index puts me in the obese range (BMI doesn't take into account lean muscle mass, just overall weight).

As of this past Friday I weighed 235 LBS. I am still going to the gym 5 days per week, but my eating is out of control. I am constantly tired. I have a gut, not just a little spare tire or love handles. I have had a hard time bending over to tie my sneakers and have considered getting Velcro (just kidding, but I can understand the appeal). I don't think I'm too far gone and I think 195 can happen by March. Here is the plan:

1) Make an appointment for a physical to take place no later than the Ides of March.

2) Stop the cold weather/holiday weight gain immediately after I decorate my Christmas Tree tonight. I will gorge on Christmas cookies and hot cocoa, then no crap until Christmas Eve. Cold Turkey!

3) Get my "pre-kid" workout routine back intact and be back to all of my former cardio and weight lifting numbers. (The cardio is not far off, but the weights are another story)

4) Drop 40 LBS by my physical.

This will work because having the physical will give me incentive (I don't want a lecture from my doctor). The food will be easier after the holidays as long as I can be strong during lunch time when the kids are begging for Micky D's or in the morning when they want a "Donut Party", which is their name for a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts, mine too! The bottom line is that I am going to be 43 March 1st and if I don't turn it around now, with my genetic history and addictive personality I will be taking a dirt nap by the time I'm 60. At the top of the page is my weight tracker and I will post my progress each Tuesday after my Monday weigh-ins. Any help you all out there in the blogosphere can give would be appreciated. (I am a catholic school boy so guilt works great on me, but I'll resent you forever). My hope is that by posting this endevor here it will be an insurance policy against giving in to my insaitiable sweet tooth. Now excuse me while I plan my tree decorating dessert menu. YUM!!


Suldog said...

Well, Cuz, all I'll say is "Good Luck!", and mean it. I know you can do it, but I also know the drill, so I know it won't be a cakewalk (Oops! Sorry!)

I've gone from 185 to 195 since softball season ended. Since I don't plan on playing next year, I now have NO incentive to lose weight.

(Well, OK, that death thing, but other than that...)

David Sullivan said...

The first week or two are the toughest, then the rest is gravy! (He,he)

Mushy said...

Like in the song by Neil Diamond, "except for the name and a few other changes, my story is the same one"...'er something like that!

I'm up to about 240, my feet are giving out, and I don't know what to do but starve. However, the New Year will see a different Mushy emerge. I must do something or just die before I'm 70!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

take care of yourself folk, i mad them ravens got hod winked last night, but on a postive note how bout the memphis tigers

David Sullivan said...

Memphis is great and I'm a Cal fan from his UMass days. Ravens played hard and tough, but hoodwinked ain't what happened. The NFL and country want the Pats to lose and for once the officiating was accurate. The only chance the Ravens had was to "mug" 'em. It was a great strategy till their own coach fucked 'em with that timeout. You can't give Brady and the Pats a second chance. :)

Debbie said...

I just thought I would give you a little advice.
As you know I had my son at 38 years old... and have actually kept on all that weight and gained 15 or so lbs, now I know he is only 6 months old and according to others both parents have 5-10 years per child to loose the weight:)
I guess I should stop making cookies and having my own Doughnut partys... or at least invite others to my party so I don't eat the whole box.
Genetics also seem to be part of my problem...I guess I didn't just get my looks from auntie Rosie:)
Seriously let me know how you get the boys to give up Micky D's... I have been trying for 11 years and have had no luck.

David Sullivan said...

Deb: Don't take 'em! Easy as that. I'm not as worried about them going as I am about me going!

Anali said...

Good luck with the health goals! It's funny that many bloggers seem to all be posting about health-related issues. I guess it's that end of the year thing and we're all thinking about what we can do better to start off next year.

I will have a lot of baking on my blog as usual, but hope you'll still stop by. And will you share with us what was on your tree decorating dessert menu? Any pictures? ; )

plez... said...

good luck, man... i was afflicted with a similar Fate after my daughter was born 6 years ago. i think the BIGGEST change hasn't been the diet, but the increased sedintary lifestyle and the complete abandonment of my workout routine (i used to do 2-3 cardio/step-aerobics classes a week and sometimes 2 a day). even though, i haven't cancelled our gym membership (they charge me every damn month) and i did attempt a comeback last spring until i pulled a hammy doing some wind sprints, i haven't been able to maintain a workout regimen for more than a couple of weeks!

as a direct result of reading this post, i'm going to get on that damn treadmill in my workout room for at least one mile on tomorrow morning in your honor. let's see if i can keep it up on a daily basis through the new year!




David Sullivan said...

OK, fat boy, you're on!!!

Weigh-in Monday and by the way... there will be a cavity search due to the fact that last time you had a ten pound dumbell hidden in your ass at weigh in.

Your going down like a five dollar crack whore!!

Divalicious said...

Good luck, buddy. I'll cheer your ass on! I'm fighting the same demons (cookies, soup, bread) and the devil himself (taco bell).