Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

This is my first weekly weigh in. 235, same as last week.

That's a good thing. This is the first time since August that I haven't seen a weight gain when stepping on the scale. In the comments section of my last post you may have caught the comments by a one Shot-N-Voyzen, who is none other that my buddy Billy Harlow. He has been featured in a few of my posts namely, The Snow Game and Where Were You When. We have been friends (off and on...he, he) since we went on a golf trip to Florida together back in 1996. Back in the winter of 2001 we had a weight loss wager wherein he cheated on the weight he started at, thus appearing to lose more weight than I. We started a new contest yesterday and weighed in at the Northampton Athletic Club where I have been a member since quitting my job at the YMCA 18 years ago. He joined the club recently. I weighed in at 235, he weighed in at 236.

Why are Billy and I friends? I have asked myself that question many a time. We love to golf, we love to drink and most of all we love competition. Minutes before the weigh-in we had a heated game of H O R S E in the basketball court (which I lost). We were partners in our golf league at Beaver Brook for a few years. In the three years we were partners we won the league once, but didn't care about our competitors. Each league night each was intent on beating the other. We would play for money, but mostly for bragging rights while sitting around the bar throwing down some cold and frosties. I'm sure the "weight loss challenge" will be as intense as our previous contests.

Tune in next week.


Mushy said...

Man, I too weigh in that range, maybe 5 pounds more, and I've got to do something.

I'll pray for you if you'll do the same for me.

CapCity said...

Best to U & yours this holiday, David! And I'm cheering for u w/ this weight control - i'm borrowing this ticker & may post one on my blog;-)...maybe - not sure if i want e'reybody to know my specific weight. I can hide behind the computer - but those who see me in person know the truth. LOL!

Dave said...

God bless ya for trying. With the two rugrats I have in tow it's almost impossible to get a program together.

David Sullivan said...

Thanks for the support 'yall. Getting in the gym isn't a problem as I've been able to maintain that for the most part.

What I shove in my "pie hole" is a different story!