Monday, February 04, 2008

A Nation Of Patriots Haters

Congratulations New York Giants.

You don't need my "atta boy" to validate your victory; you deserve every kudo that comes your way. Not since the "pre-Brady Pats" have we seen a team so thoroughly manhandle the Patriots and smack them in the mouth as the Giants did in the desert last night. That said, I am disappointed and angry. I am disappointed that the Patriots couldn't finish the job. It’s like having a perfectly fine pregnancy for nine months and giving birth to a still born. All that work, all those hopes and dreams, for nothing. I am angry for reasons that have nothing to do with the game last night and the result of the game just makes my anger all the more bitter.

I started watching the pre-game shows around 10 AM yesterday. Of course the usual cast of characters on ESPN were weighing in on the game and doing their fair share of Patriots hating. Assumptions of guilt were being discussed, as fact, concerning "Spygate", taping by the Patriots of the Rams walk through before Super Bowl IIIVI and congressional inquiries by Senator Arlen Spector concerning the NFL's destruction of the spygate tapes. It appeared that no one was concerned about the game at hand and that many just wanted to put as much doubt in the public's mind about the legitimacy of the Patriots run, as to diminish their accomplishment when they ultimately won that evening. This Patriot hating went on into the Fox pre-game with a little less venom, as not to alienate viewers, but enough veiled references to the nation's distain for the Patriots, that I had to stop watching.

I was feeling good about the media coverage of the Patriots until Friday's press conference with Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner. He got barraged with spygate questions and did a poor job of deflecting them. Then disgruntled Eagles fan, Arlen Spector, senator from Pennsylvania, came out saying he wanted to meet with Goodell, Brady or anyone who could clarify just what was on those "spygate" tapes. As Saturday rolled on the media frenzy over the Patriots intensified. A former employee supposedly told someone at the Herald that the Pats taped the Rams walkthrough before Super Bowl 36 and the Patriots haters started trying to equate that alleged act with the rationale for the Pats beating the Rams. Hate, Hate, Hate right up until kick off.

The Patriots are in shock, but they will be back. When the shock wears off they are going to be pissed off. Family and friends will be giving them bits and pieces of what was being said and what the media's response was from Friday until kick off, while they were in their "bubble" of protection preparing for the game. The respect that was deserved and the deference usually given to a team in their position was non-existent.

The country hates the Patriots. Their coach appears conceited, their quarterback appears flawless, their organization appears monolithic. Fans will always hate on the team that has dominated for a long period of time because they want their team to be there, on top. Fans can hate and that’s OK because that’s the nature of the beast. The media is not supposed to hate. Never before has the media vilified a team that has accomplished so much with as much class and dignity. The other dynasty's have all received their coronation and kudos. The Patriots have received nothing but scrutiny and disrespect.

Randy will be back. So won't Brushci, Seau, Samuel. Maybe not Stallworth. Coaching staff will be intact. Remember in the movie "Stripes" the dude called "Psycho" (Don't call me Francis!) and his list. Guaranteed that when the smoke clears and the confetti is swept up the Patriots will start compiling their list and start knocking them off one by one.

Nobody circles the wagons like the New England Patriots. If you thought they were arrogant, aloof and unlikable this year, what until next year. 18-1, with a bigger chip on their shoulder and the seventh pick in the draft adds up to a lot of pain for the rest of the NFL.

Arlen Spector, Merril Hodge, Don Shula, Steve Young, Peyton Manning, Mercury Morris, Tom Jackson, Kurt Warner, Ladainian Tomlinson, Eric Mangini, Roger Goodell and all of the rest of the haters watch out, you're on the list. Who is number one on the list? We'll see next September.


Suldog said...

Well, you're pretty much right on it, Cuz. I don't know if I saw as much hate as you did, but maybe I wasn't paying as close attention. That's what makes this hurt as much as it does, though. The only way to make them all go back into their holes was to win that final game. It didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Well said. With all the vitriol spewed forth yesterday by ESPN, Fox and the NFL network (PS: that idiot Ditka is on the Patriots haters club as well), you'd think the Patriots were playing with 11 men on the field while everyone else had 6.

The only bright spot was when Deion Sanders told Marshal Faulk, when Marshal agreed with Kurt Warner's inquiry, and I'm paraphrasing, "they won't give the rings back, drop it and move forward".

Pats in 08!

Dave said...

I think you are right about the Pats coming back harder. Not so sure if all the people will be there. I have a feeling Seau and Bruschi may be hanging them up. And Samuel is gone.

As for Specter, he needs to remember two things. One, he is the ranking Republican member of the Judiciary Committee and not the chairman. That would be Vermont Senator Pat Leahy. And the ranking Democrat behind him? Ted Kennedy. This "investigation" will go nowhere.

the blue state blogger said...

I hate Merrill Hodge. You forgot Bill Cowher on that list.

endangered coffee said...

next year, they will go 10-6 on purpose, and win the Super Bowl from the 6 seed.

Thank God it's impossible for a baseball team to go 162-0.

Dirty Red said...


All I can say is DAMN!
How in the Hell did the Pats let Mclovin' from Superbad (Eli) beat them? And then he is awarded game MVP? give me a fucking break!!! I love New York City like no other, but In my Opinion the Giants have not been shit since Lawrence Taylor retired.

I hope the Pats do come back hard, but my prediction is that we will be having a parade here in the Big D next year!!

How bout them Cowboys!!

plez... said...

of all of the new england/boston teams, i like the Patsies the most! being a native new yorker and being good friends with one of the players had me rooting for the Giants, but in my heart of hearts, i wouldn't have been upset had the Patriots won the game. i was looking forward to the 19-0 season, but alas, the CHOKED on the final game of the season. and yeah, they CHOKED! they are a much better team than the wily wildcard Giants... on any given day!

well, here's to next year... i'm sure they'll be contenders and more than likely be the winners of the next Super Bowl (but i doubt they'll go into the game undefeated - it's obvious that the burden of going 19-0 was too much for mere mortals)!