Sunday, September 07, 2008

BC/GT Challenge

Plez, from the ATL, is a huge Georgia Tech fan. As a proud alum, he put his pride on the line last year by accepting a challenge I proposed to him. If the Boston College Eagles, led by Matt Ryan beat his beloved Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, then he would have to put the Eagle logo on his blog for a week and vice-verse. Last year he was a man of his word and displayed the Eagle for a week and was complimentary of the Eagles play that day. He even got on the Matt Ryan bandwagon as a Heisman hopeful. This year he accepted the same challenge and the outcome was much different. The "Ramblin' Wreck" , eaked out a win in Chestnut Hill 16-13 in a horribly played game. Both offenses sputtered. The BC Quarterback, Chris Crane, was a painful reminder that Matt Ryan is now leading the Atlanta Falcons (talk about ironic) to victory. He could not throw the between the numbers and had at least 7 tipped passes. Tech was equally as pitiful on offense, fumbling the ball numerous times. The defenses were decent enough, but in the end Tech made one fewer error than BC and now you can admire the GT Yellowjacket displayed prominently at the top of my blog. My cousin Sul-dog and I watched the game perched over the 15 yard line and had a great time despite the horrific play on the field (read here for last years family reunion at the Heights). BC fans have been spoiled over the past eight years. Things don't look promising in the Heights. Congrats Plez and lets hope both teams look better in the weeks to come.


plez... said...



nice pic. the game was a bit sloppy at times, but remember that Tech has a young squad (first year QB and running back), a new coach, and a brand new offense (the triple option), so i expect them to improve measureably in the weeks to come.

it's going to be a long year in chestnut hill, crane was ryan's backup for the past 4 years for a reason (he's got the arm, but lacks the accuracy). that freshman running back looks good, if he can stay healthy throughout the season. i'm surprised that a younger player wasn't put in as QB, since this is crane's last year and they aren't going to win many games with him (like the year we wasted last year with tech's noodle-armed qb)!

AND YES! matt ryan threw for a 62-yard TD on his very first NFL pass for the atlanta falcons today! we scored a touchdown on our first three possessions against the lions. it looks like we'll be forgetting about mick vick afterall!

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