Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer '08

I was scheduled to play in a two day golf tournament today in Great Barrington at Wyanteunck Country Club, one of my favorite courses anywhere, but it was cancelled due to the back to back, east coast storms we are experiencing here in Massachusetts. Today is a chilly, rainy fall day perfect for sitting under the covers in my sweats watching football. Since I'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to watch football in my sweats, I'm going through pictures I've taken over the summer to decide which ones should be developed and which ones will sit on my computer indefinitely. I did a similar post at the end of spring(click here)wherein I posted pics of my maniacal spring. Here are some pics of my more than maniacal summer.


Suldog said...

Good form with the whiffleball, Cuz! Not too bad of a form behind you, either :-)

(I can't quite make out if your son has his eye on the ball or his eye on the bikini. Knowing that he's a Sullivan, I'd say probably a bit of both.)

Mushy said...

Great post the friends shot, which reminded me of me and my brothers in law, and the family shots are priceless!

Thanks for sharing.

Dirty Red said...

Man keep all of them.
I am going to have to stop coming here. Damn near one of your recent every posts has made me realize what I am missing. I need a son man!

Good Post Sully!!

bungholio says said...

finally a good post