Friday, January 04, 2008


Iowans are ready for a Black president.

Is the rest of the country ready?

Obama now has a bulls eye on his back. Figuratively. Literally.

I am one of a long line of democrats. I live in, as Mitt Romney said on NBC this morning, the "Bluest State" in the country, Massachusetts. I work with the underprivileged at a non-profit human service agency. I benefited from Public Welfare being the child of a single mother. Out of all the candidates running for our presidency I like Obama better than the rest. I am ready for a black president. Most of America is ready for a black president. The small percentage that aren't, are extremely dangerous.





Besides being gunned down in cold blood each of these men were ardent proponents of civil rights and played huge roles in the struggle for racial equality. It is in my liberal, democratic, blue state living, opinion that if the majority of this country's white citizens did not believe that all men were created equal that white people would still own slaves. Black people would not be able to vote, own property, shop, eat and live among us "privileged" whites. The majority of Americans are ready for a Black man to be president. The lunatic fringe isn't.

The presidency holds a certain amount of danger as evidenced by the mountains of security which follows the man. There are always disenfranchised individuals and groups who will make a half-assed attempt at taking out the president due to subliminal messages from a movie (Hinckly) or an attempt at gaining infamy. Obama is in grave danger.

Obama will be President, if he lives that long. He is young, idealistic and fresh, not unlike JFK was in 1960. JFK had to overcome his Irish-Catholic background. Obama has to overcome his skin color. America was ready for change then. America is ready for change now.

If 250 million people are ready for a Black president and one person isn't and that one person has the will and means to be sure that a Black man's only entry into the White House is through the housekeeping entrance, then there won't be a black president.

I am not naive by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of people that won't vote for Barack due to his skin color. Racism, sexism and classism is alive and well in this country of ours, but just because someone won't vote for a black candidate doesn't mean that they want that candidate assassinated. There are more than a few of the lunatic fringe that would like to see all black men dead, especially one running for the most hallowed office in the land, President of the United States of America.

Barack has to worry less about Hillary, John, Mitt and Rudy than some racist with a gun bought at WalMart and the will of an Islamic Jihadist. "O" looks too much like a bulls eye. A "B" might be a harder target.


Dirty Red said...


I couldn't have said this better. Do you actually think he has a shot? I mean if he can win in Iowa, that only has a 2% minority population, he has a real shot. I am just not convinced he is the "man" for me yet. I am leaning towards Edwards myself. I definetly can not go rethuglican. But we all still have time before the big dance. Anyway this is going to be an interesting election.

David Sullivan said...

DR: Not only do I think he has a shot, he will be the next President if he isn't assasinated first. Place your bets now as you may have seen my track record in MLB and the NFL this past year. I like Edwards for the VP.

Mushy said...

Sadly you are correct.

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Anali said...

This post scares me so. It's exactly what I've been thinking. I keep trying to stop these thoughts. I've been listening to all the news reports and everyone keeps comparing Obama to all these wonderful people, but they never mention the obvious - that they were all murdered.

plez... said...

any student of history knows that to make BIG CHANGES, one has to literally move mountains. and the effort necessary to move such a massive object is too much pressure for any one man. unfortunately, martyrdom can start a movement, a revolution... and moving the mountain becomes much easier.

for flying in the face of all of our preconceptions about having a Black man at the helm of this great nation, Obama has to understand that he has to put his life on the line... and like MLK, RFK, and Lincoln, it is doubtful that Obama will get much of a chance to realize the fruits of his endeavors. i pray that i'm wrong, but history tells us that it is more a function of when as opposed to if.

i have a good friend who was on the presidential detail for the secret service for two presidents, he said, "if you are willing to die, you can assassinate the President." when Obama is elected President, there will be a line around the block of right-wing fanatics willing to give their life to end his... sick, but true!

Obama has had secret service protection since last april. most presidential candidates still don't have/need protection.

today, i appreciate and thank him for his service to advance the Cause for Righteousness in this Country. tomorrow, he will be sainted for giving his life in the cause for racial equality.

David Sullivan said...

I never understood dying for a cause because when you are dead what can you do to advance your cause?

I hope that the risk he is taking is worth the gain and I hope that he makes it through this safe and sound.