Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekly Weigh In (Week 6)

13 lbs total weight loss since 12/2/07. I have had no problems with dieting or exercise as evidenced by the results. I did have pizza and chicken Saturday night right before the Pats game in anticipation of a trip to the AFC Championship Game. I will continue to eat whatever I want one meal per week until I get down to 200 lbs. You might ask, "where is your friends chart?". Billy hasn't been heard from in almost two weeks. I hope he hasn't gone off the wagon and started gorging himself. As I see it, weigh in is on the Ides of March (March 15) and I should come in at about 200-205 lbs. Billy will be lucky not to gain weight. If your reading this Billy, put down that fork and get into the gym, before you're 10 lbs. heavier and $200 lighter.


Suldog said...

I don't know. Maybe he's locked himself away in rehab or something, except in this case he's off solids and ONTO liquids.

Dirty Red said...

Man I need to do what you are doing. I definetly need to loose my spare tire. And to think, 5 years ago I had a six pack!! Well maybe not a six, it was more like a 4 and 3 quaters but at least I had a little definition. I have sure gotten lazy since I left the service of good 'ole Uncle Same!!