Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back To Normal

The decorations are off the tree and stored away. The mountains of toys which encompassed half of the living room now encompass half of the kids bedroom. The refrigerator actually has room for groceries and is now free of leftover turkey, ham and desserts. Time to get back to normal. We still have the creche lit up in our bay window and it will remain there until January 6th, the "Feast of the Magi", then its off to the basement until December 8th next year (December 8th is the "Feast of the Immaculate Conception").

I enjoy the solitude and slow pace of early winter. To me its a time to recharge the batteries and get things in order for the coming year. This is the time of year when I plan vacations, catch up on work projects and do some home organizing. I look forward to the small increases in light each afternoon. The Celtic, pagan in me responds viscerally to the rhythm of the seasons. Don't get me wrong. I follow the teachings of Christ and think he was a great man. He is the son of God just as we all are the sons and daughters of God. My Celtic, pagan ancestors appeased the Romans by adopting Christ and Roman Catholicism to avoid persecution, while still revelling in their pagan myths and beliefs. I've done the same (to avoid the persecution of my mother, grandmother and the Nuns at my school). I sat through hours of religious studies in Catholic School and hours of praying in church, but am affected more by the increase and decrease of the light as dictated by the tilt of the earth, than the light of God.

Getting back to normal means blogging on a regular basis. I've stepped out of the blogosphere for a bit while tending to the rigors of the holidays, doing some year- end projects up at work and building a skating rink in my backyard (the rink is 65 x 25 and as of this posting is ready to go).

Happy New Year to all and take some time during this quiet time of year to recharge, revitalize and get things back to normal. Embrace your inner pagan.


Suldog said...

I guess blood will tell. We also put a creche in our window and will take it down following "Little Christmas" (which is actually when we exchange gifts, after the hustle and bustle of the rest of the holiday.)

plez... said...

Happy New Year... and welcome back to the blogosphere!

CapCity said...

Here's to a GRRREAT 2008 David! I felt like your holiday hangover post a couple of days ago - so, I'm taking it REAL easy this new year;-).

endangered coffee said...

happy new year.

And I'm still trying to clear a path through BB EC's toys.

Luckily, he actually plays with some of them, and he hasn't been one of those ignore all the toys to play with the cardboard boxes kids.