Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weekly Weigh In (Week 5)

Weekly weigh in was Monday. Down eight pounds to 227.

Last Tuesday I cut out all sugar and high carbohydrate foods in a modified version of the "South Beach Diet". When I've done this in the past, combined with cardio and weights, the pounds start dropping, rapidly. During the two weeks of the holiday I stayed at about 231 lbs, which was amazing considering the amount food and drink I consumed. An 8 lb. weight loss during the first month is more than expected considering Christmas fell smack dab in the middle of the first month. Now that starch and sugar have been gone for a week I estimate by February 1st to be down around 215 lbs.. In a week I'll start adding low glycemic fruits back into my diet as well as low glycemic grains. Last week and the upcoming week is nothing but low fat protein and low glycemic veggies.

My buddy Bill, with whom I have a substantial wager over who will lose more weight by the Ides of March, wants me to post a progress meter for him, next to mine, for comparison. I am thinking a flower motif. Pansies possibly? Tune in next week.

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Suldog said...

That IS pretty amazing, considering the holidays. Now go get 'em, Tiger!