Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekly Weigh In (Week 8) and Whining

I am as sick as a dog. I've got a fever, post nasal drip and a nasty cough. I started feeling run down on Sunday, but still went to open skate with my son for an hour before his skating lesson. Yesterday I hit the gym, but could only muster up enough energy to do a half an hour of cardio. This morning I could barely get out of bed. I haven't been this sick in years, but maybe I'll start puking and lose a few more pounds. I am down to 216. That translates into a 19 pound weight loss. When I get over this bug I will be hitting the weights harder and extending my workouts. I need to go back to sleep and rest before my sister-in-law (who had mercy on me after hearing my pitifully hoarse voice this morning and took the boys off my hands for a while) brings my kids back home. Oh yeah, no sign of Billy. Rumor has it he and Veruca Salt have holed up in Willy Wonka's place schmereing chocolate all over each other and licking it off (Don't call the cops Veruca is like 45 now).

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Suldog said...

Feel better, Cuz.