Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weekly Weigh In (Week 7)

16 Lbs lost, 24 to go. My kids got sick last Thursday night and were sick until yesterday, so I didn't see the gym until this morning. I went to the Pats AFC Championship game Sunday, so I ate like a pig and drank like a fish. With all that going on, I still lost three pounds. I finally heard from Billy. He has been on a big roofing job about 60 miles away and hasn't had time for the gym. He says he's down about 8 pounds, but is going to have to play serious catch up to get down to my level. Seven weeks to go and there is a clear front runner. Tune in next week for another episode of "As The Fat Burns" or in Billy's case "As The Gut Churns".


Dirty Red said...

Hey Sully,

I know this is coming kind of late, but Congrats on your Pats man. I hope you enjoyed the game. I don't see how you sat out there in that damn freezing weather, but I would have done it too if my 'boys would have shown some testicular fortitude. Anyway here's to the Superbowl Champs!!!

Please beat the Giants.
I cannot stand ELI.

David Sullivan said...

I've been shooting "spermcicles" for the last five days it was so cold.

The froth on my Guinesses was freezing over so I had to burrow through a layer of ice to get to my beer.

I don't hate Eli as much as his brother, but as the saying goes if you can't beat up your enemy then his brother will do. (If thats not a saying, it is now)

Suldog said...

Congrats, Cuz! You're 40% of the way there, and if you can average 4 a week from here out, you'll finish with a week to spare. Good for you! Keep it up!